Splendid Beauty of Bangkok Tourist Attractions

Thailand country is my one of the favorite tourist areas and I have visited Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok many times. I think every trip to Thailand is incomplete without having a visit to Bangkok city. I have been to Bangkok three times and I always love to visit various tourist attractions in Bangkok. Bangkok is such a tourist city in Thailand which is made for tourists of all age groups. There are various nightclubs, pubs to visit. If you have to enjoy the beauty of beaches then beaches in Bangkok are also worth to visit. Hua Hin beach is my one of the favorite beach spot in Bangkok. Patpong is popular red light district in Bangkok and I think all of the above places to visit in Bangkok are made for youth.

If you are a religious or spiritual person the also Bangkok is best tourist city for you. There are various huge temples in Bangkok which can gives you exact reflection of Chinese and European architecture. Wat Pho, Wat Aron temple are some of the best of them. Bangkok is also a best tourist city to get up close with beauty of nature. Among all of the sightseeing places in Bangkok, there are some national parks, which are mainly popular for elephant rides. You must have to refer a good Bangkok travel guide to get best Bangkok tourist information while planning your trip. I have created a image collections of some of the best tourist attractions in Bangkok which you should not miss in your trip plan.

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