Top 10 reasons why you should visit Varanasi

Varanasi is located in Northern India at the banks of the Ganges River. Varanasi is the most spiritually important city in India where Pilgrim travels from all over the country. It is considered divine to bath in the holy waters of Ganges as it eliminates their sins. Though many foreigners do not attempt to start their tours from here in India, they somehow end up starting their voyage from Varanasi. Let us explore the top 10 reasons to visit Varanasi in this article.

Top reasons to visit Varanasi:

  • 1.Spirituality:

The best way to witness and explore the spirituality of India is to watch and witness the sunrise prayer rituals on the banks of the River Ganges every day and see where and how Hindus leave this world for mortality.

2.Ganges river:

A lot of time could be spending on the banks of the river, observing the everyday activities and exploring the meandering alleyways. most of the best Varanasi tourist attractions are located on the bank of Ganga river. Boat rides are possible at the time of sunset and sunrise to view the poojas and the religious ceremonies. Tourists could also see floating candles on the river during sunset.

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Yoga is a very popular activity for visitors in the area; there are yoga training centers at the Meer ghat, recommended in Varanasi tourist information.

4. Shopping:

There are plenty of shopping opportunities in Varanasi and the city is known for quality silk. There are shops shattered around the city.

5.Food and restaurants:

Varanasi has got a wide choice of Quality restaurants that serve both Indian and Western Cuisine. One best way to spend the evening is to watch the sun set over the river Ganges from a roof top restaurant.

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Diwali is an excellent time to be in Varanasi to watch the once in the year aarti and decorations. Shivaratri is also famous here with Indian classic music going on day and night for three days.


Over 60,000 people come down to bathe in the rivers every day. It is considered divine to take a sacred dip in the water of Ganges.

8.Art and Galleries:

There are many places and galleries in Varanasi where people could directly interact with the contemporary art of India in the city of Varanasi. Varanasi tourism explores owing to this and every year tourists visit the place to explore the artful architecture of the city as well.


Varanasi is considered the holy land of Hindus and there are spectacular temples for tourists to visit. An eminent Varanasi travel guide would guide tourists through them as there are serious restrictions here for foreigners; the Viswanath temple and the Kaal Bhairav temple are very famous all over the world.


Aghoris consider themselves to be a form of Lord Shiva in his extreme state. They go in search of power to avoid rebirth in this life. They have no family or kids and give mortality to people wanting for it after death by cremating them and eating their bodies .It is said, it is very hard to find a true Aghori in Varanasi.

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10 Reasons To Visit Toronto City

Toronto is the largest city. It is situated in Canada. Toronto started its history from 18th century and today is a modern city. The modern city Toronto was basically known as York but in 1834 it was renamed as Toronto. It is the fifth top most cities in population. It has about 2.6 million of population. There are lots of places to visit in Toronto, Canada. As there are many online travel guide available which give you comprehensive  information about Toronto. The best time to travel to Toronto, Canada in June to September. July is the hot month there but then too it is advisable to go as there are lots of indoor sightseeing places. I strongly advise you to visit Toronto as it can be planned for you easily as summer vacations might be going on in June, July and September.

Toronto tourism provides us a very helpful way to know about Toronto. Toronto tourism provides travel guide. Toronto tourist information helps us to know about the best places that we can visit or the top 10 reasons to visit Toronto and they are as follows:

  • Festival riches: As the name explains Toronto has many festivals of ethnic. International film festival, international festival of authors, luminato festival of arts etc are all the festivals happening in Toronto and lots others. So you can go and have a best experience of having a look at the one. It is quite enjoyable as I have experienced it.
  • The Museum and gallery beat: There are lots of museum and art works but the best is Royal Ontario museum which has six storied and while entering only you can see the finest work of it, the glasses. It has the world’s best art and that is made from China.
  • City of villages: Toronto has a great population but yet it protects or maintains the old articles, old places etc which are quite popular. It saves old country such as China Town and gives the same experience.

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  • Centre island: center island also known as Toronto island, has many gaps between them so people enjoy their boating and having a great scenery place, can sit there together.
  • The ferry ride: It gives us a ride all over the city skyline, it shoes us some popular outer view of Toronto. It makes us remember of the past days with today’s mixture of enjoyable places.
  • Far enough farms: if you are looking a great place for your children to have fun is the ZOO. It provides different viewing of animals, and they provide donkey riding to children so it’s just an ultimate enjoying amusement park for children.
  • Yorkville: A high rise mall which provides shopping in a huge selection, there are lots of restaurants choice available there, it also provides a huge range of boutiques and art galleries which gives you a large selection of your choice. There are lots of celebrities coming there and having a good shopping experience.
  •  C.N.Tower: C.N.Tower was the highest building but now it is not so but still people enjoy looking at. The elevators there have glasses everywhere so you can have the view all over of Toronto. To get the exact view of Toronto from upside that is the top of the floor then you can even book the restaurant that is on the top of the floor.
  •  Casa Loma: Casa Loma is the best architectural arts there. The Casa Loma is made by the richest business man. There are lot of shooting’s done there.
  • Art gallery of Ontario:  It is the 10th largest art gallery giving you an opportunity of 40000 collections of different arts.

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Top Sports Events In Melbourne

Melbourne is a well developed city from Australia and a best tourist destination as well.

Melbourne is also called as sporting capital of Australia. Various national and international events and sports tournaments always takes place in the Melbourne city.

Cricket and football are the most famous games in Melbourne city and Melbourne has also won the award of Worlds Ultimate Sports City. Plan your trip to Melbourne to enjoy the games.

Sports In Melbourne

Sports In Melbourne