Enjoy Dublin sightseeing with pleasant climate

Dublin is known as town of hurdled ford; it is also the capital of Ireland and the province of Leinster. The English meaning of the word Dublin is black pool. The city of Dublin is located in the middle of the east coast of the river Liffey. The origin of Dublin was a Viking settlement but it was converter into the Kingdom of Dublin after the Norman invasion. Since the 17th century the city has developed itself and ranks among the second largest city in British Empire and ranks as the fifth largest in Europe. Dublin as a tourist attraction ranks among the top 30 destinations in the world. The Dublin sightseeing experience is fun with the climate of Dublin being a mild climate.

The city of Dublin has cool summers and mild winters. Hence you can visit the city any time during the entire year. The city of Dublin hosts a large number of tourists every year from across the globe. All the seasons are suitable to visit Dublin. You just need to have a proper travel guide with you in order to enjoy your vacation to Dublin. I had a chance to visit Dublin and explored some of the famous Dublin places to visit which you must experience in a lifetime.

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I would like to share with you some of the interesting Dublin tourist attractions. This shall work out as a travel guide for those who are visiting this city of the first time.

City Hall of Dublin – this hall is one of the popular attractions in Dublin. The hall was built between 1769 and 1779. This hall was initially known as the financial hub for the merchants who traded in Dublin. The hall was designed by the famous architect Thomas Cooley. Later the hall was taken over by the Dublin Corporation and thus it was converted into the City hall of Dublin.

Abbey Theater – this is one of the most artistic Dublin places to visit. This theater has great heritage history. Most of the old Irish plays are re-animated and shown to the present day people in order to keep their memories live. There are many classics from the European and Irish era which are presented in this theater. Besides this there are many new plays written by the new writers which are presented Abbey Theater.

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Arts Council – The arts council has been formed in order to display the arts and paintings of various upcoming artists. This art council is an autonomous body which was formed in the year 1951 in order to make sure that art is appreciated and the artists get their due value for their work.

Casino – Marino – The Casino as it is called is situated in Marino. This is a beautiful example of the neo-classical architecture and never to be missed during your Dublin sightseeing. This was built way back in the 18th century. There are more than 16 beautifully decorated rooms along with a kitchen, saloon, reading room and library.

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