Best accommodation places in Vienna

If you are planning for a trip to Austria then it would be incomplete without having a visit to Vienna city.

Vienna city is a best tourist city in Austria and is also known as “Austria’s cultural capital“. There are various places to visit and tourist activities to enjoy in Vienna city. It is a great tourist city in Austria to get up close with Austrian history and culture. All tourist attractions in Vienna won’t ever disappoint you and you an enjoy a nice holiday here.

To plan a tip to Vienna you should refer a good Vienna city travel guide which will give you best tourist information of Vienna. It is a well developed city and here you will get best options for accommodation, eat out places and transportation according to your budget and requirement. We have created a small presentation about some best places to stay in Vienna. Please have a look.

Vienna Tourist Information For Single Women Traveller

For women who love to explore and travel, for acquiring new experience or professional purposes are forced to travel alone at certain situations. Vienna is an apt place for single women travelers  Vienna is one of the states of Austria and stands out to be the largest city. Being the capital city it holds a population of about 1.731 million. Women Tourists drop in each year for the royal style of the city with cherished heritage and captivating traditions. The 50 theaters and 100 museums around Vienna fascinate all women tourists. The spring and fall of the city is the apt season for any solo traveler to step in for a remarkable vacation.

Accommodation Facilities

Hotel Sacher Wien is a safe and secured hotel for single women travelers  they offer best service and treat the guest with respect where the hotel is worth for the money spent. Hotel Imperial is another famed hotel for its service and safety for women who halt there. They serve at each and every need of solo women travelers instantly. They offer furnished luxurious and spacious guest rooms.


Shopping is one of the most interesting things to do in Vienna for any women, Brunnenmarkt is a large street market comprising of vegetables, fruits, eatables, kebab house, t- shirts and all wanted items. Women especially love to hang around here for an exclusive shopping. Altmann & Kuhne is another famed shopping spot for chocolates, sweets and handmade bon bons.

About Viennese and Safety In There

Vienna is marked as one of the world’s safest city for single women travelers  The people of Vienna are friendly and help out tourist by all means without the intention of cheating them. Accommodation is decent hotels would be a safer lodging for women travelers. Few local people speak English and guide women travelers in case they face any difficulty. It’s better for women travelers to take care of their belongings like wallet, mobile and many more. There are a number of activities solo travelers should participate in. The security force of the city is well guarded and there is no situation to panic and scare off. Women travelling alone are advised to have all contact details regarding their hotel stay, which can be needed at times of danger. Checking into decent hotels and getting round the city in decent attire is important for every single women traveler.

Easy Travel For Women

Vienna travel is quite an easy access for single women traveler to Vienna with different modes of transport. The Vienna international airport is the foundation of Austrian airlines and Niki where they operate numerous international and domestic flights. The Austrian Federal railway operates the rail authority which is another means of transportation. Car and bus are other safe and cheapest means of travel for people to get around the city of Vienna which makes it comfortable for single women travelers.

Activities and Eateries For Women

There are a number of activities single women travelers should participate in. The Vienna spring festival is a musical feast with best performances for women to enjoy. Shameless entertainment festival is another cultural festival to participate. The traditional Viennese food is sausage which waters your mouth. Leberkässemel is another famed food here to be tried out.

For more details about the trip details on shopping, hotels, accommodation, sightseeing and many more queries, our Vienna city travel guide will help you out.