Regensburg – An awesome tourist city in Bavaria, Germany

If you are planning for a trip to Germany then never miss the chance to visit one of the oldest city in Bavaria, Germany. All Regensburg tourist attractions will take you back up to the 12th century and you can visit various historical monuments in the city. Regensburg city is also popular for various enjoyable events and festivals. There are various tourist destinations to visit and recreational activities to enjoy in Regensburg. All all of the tourist places will take you up close with historical values and virtues of the city.

Just have a look at the presentation above. It is a best Regensburg travel guide which will give you best introductory tourist information about various best places to visit in Regensburg city.
Regensburg City Panoramic View

Regensburg City Panoramic View

Plan a enjoying trip to Regensburg city to enjoy various recreational activities and visit awesome tourist places.

2 thoughts on “Regensburg – An awesome tourist city in Bavaria, Germany

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